Thos.Carr & Son are a ship agency and forwarding company, whose origin dates back to two centuries ago.
In 1887 Mr. Thomas B.Carr established shipping agency companies under the name of Carr Bros, & Klein in the ports of Genoa, Livorno and Marseilles, with the original purpose of representing liner shipowners trading mostly with the United Kingdom.
Over the years, Thos. Carr & Son have grown and developed with the trade, experiencing all the various stages of shipping, from Steamer to the last generation large carriers and intermodal transportation systems, having represented leading shipping lines for most of the major trading areas in the world.

The scope
Thos.Carr & Son reputation and goodwill is based on the professionalism, of our personnel, whose overall objective is the success of our Principals and Transport Companies represented in Italy.
Professionalism and dedicated personal attention to our clients’ shipments, from point of origin to delivery at destination, is the determinant key factor of our activity, promoting, evolving and achieving transport of relevant cargo movements.
We are instrumental to build and establish new services or make the existing ones successful.

The results achieved by Thos. Carr & Son have allowed a strong insertion in the Italian market-place of our Principals.
Unavoidably the good results have affected our group agency organisations , inasmuch that nowadays the shipping consolidation concept has determined friendly separations from some principals after our achievement so important volumes to allow the establishment of their direct offices in Italy

The organisation
A structure of selected and motivated young people acting under the teamwork concept, well conversant on transport provide the trade the qualified expertise and the personal attention which grants business return.
The owners of our company are fully dedicated by working directly in the firm.

Our experience
We have acquired relevant experience in of the major markets to/from Italy, and specifically the Far East, Usa , Canada, East Mediterranean Arabian Gulf, Indian Sub-continent, East and West Africa, North Africa , South Pacific Islands, South America, as well as in some markets via North European ports as : Ireland, U.K., Iceland, Scandinavia, and Russia.